Some Tips on Choosing a Great Domain Name

Before you get your site designed and take it live, you will need to choose an appropriate domain name. Many people assume picking a domain name is a formality, but it is the opposite. The domain name is so important, because it is the set of letters that people will associate with your company and website. Here are some tips on choosing the best domain name for your new site.

  1. Easy to Type

You want a name that people can type without any hesitation. For instance, using slang or shortened words is not a good idea. You may think it is edgy, but it will simply confuse people who try and type in your domain name on their browser’s search bar.

  1. Concise

The longer a domain name, the more likely someone is going to misspell it when they are trying to visit your site. And if the name is too long and complicated, they may forget it entirely. Then you are at the mercy of search engines, as your potential customers are entering in what they remember from your name to try and find your site. You do not want that to happen!

  1. Integrate Local Words

If you have a local element to your online business, ensure you are targeting that city or state. For instance, adding the abbreviation of your state to the end of your chosen domain name is an easy way to differentiate from similarly named businesses in other states. And before you commit to any domain name, make sure you check available domain names. You do not want to settle on a name, only to find that it is already taken. Then you will have to begin your search from scratch.

Finding the right domain name can take a bit of time. But it is a process that you should not rush, as it is the name that will be associated with your site forever.